Do you remember a person, maybe it was a neighbor, maybe a teacher, who did something that forever changed your life? I remember Mrs. Ingman crossing the street and holding me, I was maybe 7 years old, as I vomited again and again on the sidewalk below or hilltop home. It didn’t form who I’ve become, but it has stayed with me, a reminder that we all want to be held, we all fear things and that in those moments of fear, a little comfort can go a long way.

Today over on Blog Nosh there is a post I picked out by a great writer named Jack. The post is about courage and conviction. I really found it, and subsequent posts by Jack, to be incredibly great reads. Pop over and check it out.

And stay tuned, I’m working on another post about remembering. It is an already treasured memory of lifting a still drowsy from a nap Briar in my arms, my face buried in her damp tendrils, and dancing in the waning afternoon sunlight. It’s the kind of memory I know will sustain me.

Sigh, lucky mama.