Left the hotel before 9am yesterday. Bolted to SFO for an 11 am flight.


Flight delayed. Rescheduled. Waited with Grandma for 1:30 flight.

Necklace stolen. Car seat reclaimed and cumbersome.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Flight to Vegas harrowing.

“Worry not, they are holding your planes.” YAY!


Plane left. Amanda and Fin not so much.

5:45pm agent finally talks to me.

Off to Baltimore. Thought we were going to die in turbulence over Denver.

Arrived here at 2:45 am. No drinking craptastic Starbucks disk coffee.

Fly out at “10:55am” today.

We shall see. Not holding my breath.

I nominate Fin for “Best baby ever to travel the x-country twice in a week.”

Will post pics and better words when i don’t feel as though I have macrame back muscles and back alley dumpster teeth.