I’ve not been a very good blogger lately, been working on being a good mom. This isn’t an excuse or an apology, just a matter of fact. Another fact, I am miss writing here. My hope is to merge Tumble Dry and The Wink, so that I have one place to go. Three girls makes two blogs perhaps one thing too many. If you’ll bear with me as I work through the mechanics (read: Have Raeanne work some magic).

I promise, I have so much more that I want to write. I cannot wait to tackle describing Finley’s personality, from her lopsided pirate smile to her insistent demeanor. What began as “Life with Briar” and morphed, in my own mind, to “Two and Counting,” and which could now easily be “Living for Three,” is more precious to me than ever before. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I am so honored and grateful that you are on this journey with us.

More soon, I promise.