*Title is a play on words, props to the ladies at BabyLegs, Fin caused a sensation in her two pairs! And thank goodness we had them. Twain was right about San Francisco:
“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

Finley is seriously the best traveling companion ever.

She went so far as to save all of her pooping for today. That’s right, no pooping on the plane, but we have chalked 7 messy diapers since waking this morning. My fingers are raw from the wiping. Sorry, off track. We flew to San Francisco on Thursday for the BlogHer Conference, which brought back more memories of being excluded and rare moments of fitting in than I really care to remember.

Luckily, with my exquisite Fin strapped to my chest, I had a safe place, my face buried in her silky head, her hands clutching mine.

We went to several sessions a day.
Fun with Janet and Lara (not pictured).

Weaving in time with Grandma and Auntie Abbie in between,

We were camped out with in the charming and luxuriously cozy St. Francis.

On the flight home, Fin made me feel silly for worrying about flying,
“Look mama, no hands!”

It was great, but being home is greater.