Sean: “Say it with me- screw it.”

Me: “Screw it?”

Sean: “C’mon, say it like you mean it.”

Me: “Sss-crew it!”

It was a pact we made several weeks ago. Life had been incredibly grueling, the rehearsal that is the first few months of being home with a new baby was seeming to point in the direction of a serious flop. More juggling than balance, more snapping than snuggling. We’d been lolling about in a stony silence and literally collided in the kitchen. After talking through the stresses of work and home we created the screw it pact.

No more yeses to doing favor upon favor, less pro-bono work, less worrying about making things perfect. We would spend more time making ourselves happy. We did a grand job this weekend, even fitting in a few renegade favors and work related items (baby steps, right? Call it a demi-pact.)

Tomorrow I’ll start a short week with memories of our first family of five run, a boat ride with dear friends, a family trip to the beach, making salsa with cilantro from my garden, vacuuming up monsters to protect princesses and playing bocce ball with friends as the girls cheered us on and so many more sweet snippets of unhurried summer.

The laundry is clean, but not folded. The beds have fresh linens, but are unmade. I did not get to buying Briar a backpack for school or finishing the shopping I need to do for my trip to Vegas. I may not feel this way tomorrow night when I get home to a messy house and prepare frantically for the guests we’ll be having, but tonight I’m calling it a win.

‘Cause, screw it, we had fun.