AKA Two memes for a lonely night away from home. So, with no further dwelling on being homesick, meme #1 from the sweet Dany. It’s what she called the “ten-stupidly-random-facts-that-still-turn-out-quirky-and-funny meme.”

1. Most of my tears come from my right eye. Honestly, in the car, riding shotgun, I can cry without anyone knowing. A skill I picked up in a dark time of my life when I always rode in the passenger seat, literally and figuratively.

2. Yesterday I discovered that the “1” button on my cell phone is what can make the period and comma symbols for me when texting. Seriously, yesterday.

3. I am very modest. Like turn and cower or wait for a bathroom stall to change at the YMCA kind-of-modest.

4. Once I find a bug in my food, it’s over. There is no amount of flicking, extracting, rinsing, or ignoring that can quell the gag reflex.

5. I pet the skin above my lip with my index finger when I am worried, deep in thought or need to soothe myself. Sometimes I get wild and use my ring finger.

6. I can drink an entire bottle of Essential Vitamin Water without taking a breath (the big or the little bottle).

7. I have grown to love my feet (they were a size ten by 8th grade, happily, 3 pregnancies later, they are still a ten.)

8. I am beginning to think that a little bit of vanity is healthy.

9. I have officially entered the, “I don’t get the allure” age, where I look at magazines and shake my head. The tsk tsk can’t be far off.

10. I think working out with my husband is sexy.

And now for the second meme because, you know, even though the ten things I just listed gave you way more than enough information about me, I’m still bored in my hotel room. Thanks to the supah-dupah hawt Hotfessional I give you the “5 current addictions” meme.

1. Coffee. Hot. Iced. Homemade. Coffee shop. Morning. Afternoon. Weekeday. Weekend.

2. Boy shorts. Screw thongs and bikinis. I love, love, love how I feel and look in boy shorts.

3. Shaving. Whether it’s Sean or Ave, having someone rub your leg appreciatively? Awesome.

4. Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother and Redken Extreme Iron Repair – pre-styling wonders that don’t make my hair sticky!

5. Day four away from my family I am seriously addicted to thinking about them and replaying the mundane – doing the girls hair in the morning, matching socks at night, thrusting my feet at Sean and saying, “Well, would you look at that? Guess if they’re sitting right there you might as well rub them.”


How about that? I feel all warm and better. Thanks Dany, thanks Ree.

No tags, but man, I’d sure love some comments sharing your addictions or quirky things. Help a lonely gal out, mm-kay?