You’ve heard the term girl crush, right? Well, I have long harbored a crush on Meg. She was the first blogger I read that wrote about demanding the most out of educators, she talked about the importance of nurturing magic at the holidays, she shared tales of life with four kids and a husband who still sends her heart racing. She is quirky and true, driven and game, honest and intelligent, but most of all she has a spirit that inspires me, as a mom, a wife, a woman and a professional.

Today I am posting something she wrote that ignited something in me. I am worried, yet hopeful, and now, thanks to Meg, I am doing something so that 40 odd days from now I don’t wonder if the outcome might have been different had I acted.

Please read this post from Meg and if it inspires you, do something. Act!

Every day I wake up and I want to write about the election.


Every day I want to post you tube videos of Sarah Palin scaring the hell out of me.


Every day I want to give homage to John Stewart or post drafts of my hate mail to Karl Rove.


But I know for sure it’s no longer enough.


I want to do more than add my voice to the millions of Americans crying out for change.


I want to be an agent of that change. I want to make a difference.


Talking about it is no longer enough!


Writing about it is no longer enough!


Leaving it to others is no longer enough!


In 2000, when we elected ‘experience’, my vote wasn’t enough.


In 2004, when we elected ‘experience’, my vote wasn’t enough.


This time I’m not just voting for intelligence.


This time I’m not just voting for integrity.


This time I’m not just voting for bold initiative.


This time I’m working for the campaign. I’m a member of my local volunteer team.




We do not have enough volunteers. We need more people to register voters, to persuade, to get out the vote.


It’s actually a lot of fun and I’ve met some amazing people.


Just two hours a week can make a difference.


You can sign up to volunteer here.


You can find your local volunteer coordinator here.


Or e-mail me at meg[at]simplynutmeg[dot]com and I’ll get you connected with the right person.


Please join me in spreading this No Longer Enough campaign:


If you can’t join the team, please publish this post or write your own post and link to it on your blog and spread the word to your readers. Many of us just need a little push (someone approached me at the grocery store) to get in the game.


Just think; if every Blogger recruited just one volunteer…


Maybe we’re what we’ve been waiting for.


And here’s where I put my money where my mouth is:


If you join in spreading the word, publish this post, or write your own post and include the banner, sign the Mr. Linky at my site. If I get 200 links or more before October 10th, I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner, and I’ll give away one brand new Dyson.


Because my one vote is no longer enough.



Thanks, Meg!