I won’t say that it is turning 35 that’s done it, I think it has more to do with three kids, a husband, a mortgage and enough work to cover them. I am beginning to tread a path that involves less and less apology for what makes me happy. Now granted, Sean would tell you that the path is rather unmarked and I veer off quite frequently, returning to a territory of apologies and clearance stickers. And he’s right, but damnit I walk that other path more than ever before and like the dawn, I am beginning to see how exquisitely beautiful and how fundamentally it is tied to living a happy life without resentment.

Before this trip Sean cajoled me into buying some clothes (I’m sorry, I didn’t say I walked the path voluntarily, or that I discovered it myself. It does take a boot in the keester* now and again.) Saturday there was a haircut, really two, but let’s not dwell on salon chair horror and just be grateful instead that there are last minute saves that transform the heinous into the divine.

Sitting here in the hotel room, Fin happily splayed in a leather chair after her night in excruciatingly sumptuous bedding (Our daughters have an unapologetic taste for the finer things, something that at once startles and delights this still-learning-to-be-pampered mom) I have the new clothes hung in the closet, fancy new hair products and makeup set out in the bathroom and the ring Sean bought me at Christmas sparkling on my finger like it was born to be in Vegas.

I discovered this morning, as I took a bath while Fin happily sucked her thumb and owned the king size bed. There are women who swear by candle lit baths with a glass of wine and a good book and others who chirp that great chocolate does the trick. I am neither of those, I am a girl who will take a Turkey Club and diet coke for bed and wake up with Starbucks brewed extra strong and a bath with a fresh razor and consider herself content. The best part, not only did I feel content, I felt like I deserved it, which makes everything that much sweeter.

Go do something you deserve and then come back and brag about it, ok?

*And this keester of mine? It looks incredible in my new jeans ;)