We went to Burlington on Saturday, specifically to the Echo Center. A 15 minute ferry ride in the middle of the hour+ drive satisfied Sean’s road trip itch without aggravating the girls’ road trip boredom, being a wishy-washy weekend planning mom, I just wanted everyone to be happy.

Here I am struggling with the idea of a ferry ride in a cast (translation: large body of water, one good arm, three kids, inability to save everyone should the ferry sink. Hi, neurotic much?) Sean thought my panic was hysterical.

Once safely across Champlain I wanted a shot of the girls outside of the Echo Center, seemed so fun!
Eh, I suppose they could have looked more miserable and forlorn, not sure how…

Then there was the cool little nook they found to sneak peeks at the turtles, which in person looked exciting and magical, and in pictures looks creepy and depressing.

The tower tube of bubbles, which delighted them and made me smile with pride, but in the picture looks like some sort of Vegas phallus signaling a futuristic Chippendales show.

A sweet play romp on boulders on Church Street, captured on film to remind us all of the day, colored by a grassroots pro-Nader and anti-Obama table.

And no preamble here, just a creepy dude. I like the Sox, but no, just no.

And here I am frolicking with the big girls while random be-shaded guy approaches looking as if he might whisk Fin away.

This last one is a teaser for a video soon to be posted. Any caption ideas?