Sometime back in the ’50’s someone said out little city was, “Hometown USA.” We like to scoff, wordplay being a passion of ours but sometimes it really fits.

I had a date with Briar on Tuesday. We went, at her request, to the coffee shop for some, “lonely time.” We had cocoa with whipped cream, which she declared was, “mmm, delicious sour cream!” We shared banana bread, “That sweet crumbly stuff with the nuts.” And I had coffee, “for before relaxing.” It was bliss.

And then came the first snowfall. Cue the music. Perfection.

I wish that I could have more hours spent simply enjoying the perfection that is a snowy day in a small town as seen with my first baby beside me. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as sweet if it happened all the time. Luckily I have little snippets like this to help me remember the joy in being right here.