Halloween, beyond the wonder and zeal of toddlers experiencing the power of knocking on doors and receiving compliments and free candy, had a dark side. Throng after throng of older trick-or-treaters passed us and try as I might the force of scathing judgement took hold and I straddled the line between clenched and dropped jaw.

Gore. Whore

Honestly, it seemed that the boys were going for nasty and the girls were going for, ah, nasty. When did that happen? When did Halloween become showing as much skin as possible and being as foul as possible?

I realize that every generation says that their generation had it different, life was harder, times were simpler. Whatever.

I like music. I like singers, by man alive, I am tired of unnecessary and unapologetic extra skin– case in point:

Did she need to yank the shirt up? Will we ever get back to a place where less is more doesn’t mean less clothing?


Tomorrow. Vote. You will make a difference.