So, I’m not perfect, this I know. I can be righteous and demanding, expecting more than most people are willing or able to give. I am annoying because I hold myself to the same standards and for the most part I make good, which can border on martyrdom. I am alternately fastidious and slovenly. I am woefully bad at geography, though a recent obsession the girls acquired that has us daily constructing the United States, has me doing much, much better in this arena. I have a frightfully bad memory, I mean like wave your hand before my face and say, “Weren’t you there, I mean right there with us? How can you not remember?”

All this said, here are a few things I’d like to say in what is probably seasonally inappropriate snarkiness—

I am grateful that I don’t lie.
I am grateful that I am not two-faced.
I am grateful that I know better.
I am so happy that I have the genuine friends that I do.
I am confident that the people that sparked this will get their just desserts.

Peace out.