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Technology and Toddlers

Posted on December 3, 2008

The girls were companionably munching on grapes and extra sharp cheddar, Ave with a screwdriver in her hand, Briar a Barbie. They were watching a DVD of Lady & The Tramp on our computer. I was playing with Fin who was deciding it was time to tackle crawling. I was, in a word, overwrought—my last baby, sprouting teeth and blazing past milestones as if there were no tomorrow. Gasp. “S’not workin’, mama!” Avery said somewhat incredulously. Briar was indifferent and Finley was on the move. I tucked my upper lip in as my chin took the lead and I huffed my hair out of my eyes, mostly to swallow the profanity dancing on the tip of my tongue as I caught sight of the…

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Posted on November 29, 2008

I’ll only be a moment as too much is waiting. I am overcome with the weight of my blessings, tears coming unbidden as I putter. Folding, cleaning, swinging and cuddling. I check on the girls in the night and their tangled bedclothes and knobby knees make my heart ache. Fin sleeping, arms folded behind her head and legs crossed, steals my breath. Sean’s hand reaches for mine as we sit quietly after bedtime. The creaks of our house and the rhythm of our life fills me with a glow of being at peace. Wishing you the golden embrace of contentment.

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Potent Thanks

Posted on November 28, 2008

I gave a very sincere and heartfelt thanks over at Tumble Dry. This thanks is no less sincere or heartfelt: To my neighbors: You really are remarkable in your brazenness to continue to walk your dogs and not clean up after them— Thank you. You really rocked my Thanksgiving Day walk this morning. *Since I don’t want to end on that unapologetically ranty note, how about this? Looks like someone is going to have her two front teeth for Christmas.

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