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Curtain: Caught

Posted on December 4, 2009

The current state of The Wink/Tumble Dry takes me back to 2004 and trying to adjust a Blogger background without the benefit of knowing what the hell I was doing. What you see here is the middle state between then and now, or what I had hoped would be now, but is turning out to be, ah, not now. Consider the curtain intended to prevent the viewing of this delicate state, caught. The months and months leading up this conversion meant very little, with friends and followers simply saying, “Cool, can’t wait to see it.” Inaction, hoping, wishing etc, all swirled about, but the merge and redesign never picked up enough steam to get anywhere. Then, as Murphy’s Law, karma and a formulaicly scripted…

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Waffling Part 2

Posted on November 27, 2009

When last I wrote: I also peed. A little, tiny bit, but still. Pee. So I kept running, until… And so as I rounded the corner and began running in earnest, I realized just how raspy my throat was and a sense of panic almost set in as I wondered how long until I go water. I faltered, my steps slowed and I lunge walked, not wanting to stop, but also not wanting to push too hard too soon. I lifted my head and saw a car and immediately thought: Water! But it was even better: Sean and the girls were camped out with water and hugs. I ran to them, grabbed water and knelt down to hug each of them. Fin didn’t want…

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Waffling Part 1

Posted on November 22, 2009

This is the first in a 2 part series of Saturday, the day I ran my first 10K.We were gathered in our kitchen quickly sharing a bite before heading to Saratoga for Open Mic Night at Caffe Lena. “Wanna do a 10 K with me this Saturday?” my friend asked me out of the blue Thursday night. I experienced a robust internal sputter, followed by the familiar burn of insecurity washing over my face as the sides of my mouth twitched and I said, “Sure!” I felt anything but. Let’s be clear about something, some months ago I agreed to do the2010 Danskin Triathalon when Millie asked. I did not, however, begin training. There was kindergarten to start, preschool, dueling schedules and one car.…

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There but for the grace of God go I

Posted on November 18, 2009

I played with Fin this morning, walked Briar to school, sang to Ave. I didn’t fully understand the depth of my blessings. :::: You say it, but as a parent, when you hear the story, for a moment you go there. You imagine the scenario. The kids. The challenges. The marriage. The beauty. The life. The stroke. Kids waiting at home while your husband holds your hand praying for you to pull through. “We need you. We all need you, honey.” It is inconceivable, and yet, it is real. Anissa is at the ICU. Peter is with her. The circle around them grows larger with each tweet and post, but at the center, it is still a woman fighting for her life. Pray for…

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