Back in the saddle seemed so dull, so you get crack’n the addle or jumping into 2009 with a clear head, an open heart and a touch of the smart ass. Oh, and another thing as I come into the tail end of my 35th year, there is going be a bit more self-love, self’s ass love that is. No, that’s not a slam toward Sean, he’s a smart ass with a fine ass, but he’s not an ass. I mean mine. No more sniveling about this or that, just 100%, grade A, all-American, organic Manda-ass*.

*Because this new self’s ass love is a new resolutiony thing I was clean out of Amanda ass shots 😉

Are you still reading?

Seriously, I’ve been bobbing and weaving, and while it’s a fine exercise, it doesn’t really get you anywhere. I want to, like so many moms, begin to live smarter. Make each move count, each word be spoken with purpose, love or joy, or maybe all three.

I am going to match every impulse to nag or fret with at least one playground embrace.

I am going to trust that I can conquer anything because, yo, in this house we rock satin and snowboots for to kick ass and take names…and dance like princesses with daddy.

I’ve been studying some of the great connoisseurs of life, noting just how one must operate to extract the most delight.

I am no longer afraid to slip inside a hug, disappear into a moment leaving camera, phones and computer behind.

There is more than one lens, the most important thing is remembering to keep my own trained on who’s important.

It’s not just about love; it’s about strength, courage and convictions…and lots of wise-assery also makes for more interesting people.

Shoes aren’t as important as who is walking with you. I really just liked this picture, but if I squint my eyes and wince, this sounds a grade above glossy inspirational calendar drivel.

The bottom line for me, this year and in every year that follows, I want to live a life that makes me proud, makes me feel as if these lives that I have brought into the world, have been given a bit of magic. I know that when I sift the memories of my own childhood there are grains that shine with the intensity of the most precious of jewels. I don’t yet know what will sparkle for my girls, but I do know that I am doing everything I can to give them a house filled with light.

Here’s to a 2009 filled with magic words and potent moments. Happy New Year.