It’s a jolly holiday with you Burt…

Been watching lots of Mary Poppins at Chez Wink. Seriously people, I flit, I float, I want to slit my throat. That’s awful isn’t it, but it’s so bad I am missing Yo Gabba Gabba. Sure, it was sweet at first, sort of Little House on the Prairie, squeaky clean, “My kids are singing along with Julie Andrews while your kids sit, eyes glazed before the golden bangs of Hanna Montana,” righteousness. Now? Well, now I fear that I may end up a bit like the jolly uncle, floating on the ceiling laughing at god knows what.

I now totally get this:

So, as I sit gently rocking myself in the corner willing the dancing penguins to waddle off and take Mary and Burt with her, I’ll brandish the Delurking Flasher and ask you to show yourself.

C’mon, it won’t β€” a spoonful of sugar and all that…
Let me know that I am not alone, that you are here. Anything to get me to stop singing…did you realize that I actually included a Sound of Music song? Know why? Because when they aren’t watching Mary Poppins, it’s the Sound of Music. Clearly they dig Julie, think I should try Victor Victoria?


Today my sister is 30. No names, no teasing, just thisβ€” I love you, Abs. Happy Birthday!