Morose might be a good way of describing my take on time these days, but I am working my way back. Two nights without sleep, the first on account of teeth and the second a stomach bug, doesn’t really help, but iPhoto does. Proof of a valiant battle against time lives there, with golden portraits of life lived unfettered by grains of sand or the growing march of crow’s feet framing the eyes snapping each shot.

Our girls spin in a blur of ringlets and tumbles, their squeals taking root in our souls as their feet leave welts on the drywall. It can be dizzying, but as I pause to reflect I see the outline of the curves, the full panorama of this life that I am blessed to be at the center of each day.

We’re home nursing a bug that started with middle of the night upchuck and has magnificently transformed to dirty diapers that remind me of the bathroom shacks at camp sights—I can be lyrical, but make no mistake, this sh*t stinks. Luckily the makers are cute.


Wishing you sun drenched windows and side splitting laughter.

How do you know you are living in each angle of now?