A while back I wrote a post that prompted someone to write to me about a site called Grace in Small Things. She said that based on my post, it might be something I’d like to be a part of— a place where the focus stays on the things we can be grateful for, the beauty in a moment, the gratitude at the end of even the hardest day. Of course, in keeping with the frenetic pace of life and the scurrying to get on to the next thing with little thought of what gets caught in the wake, I forgot. I signed up, but didn’t post. Then something happened, some sort of reminder.

I just left a little morsel, a sliver of something that gave me a sense of being blessed. It took 10 minutes and it felt incredible. I wish you’d go over and read it, then if you feel so inclined, maybe you could join us. Couldn’t you use a little bit of calm in your life, a chorus of gratitude?