Whoops, for those of you catching me in your reader, surprise. That’s what a bit of dust, a late night and a precariously perched laptop while blogging will get you.

The old premature publication


I was taking a demi break between assignments to pop my head in and say hello. A freshly shorn and highlighted head, natch. After what might be called a famously bad day or an eerily prescient message, I darted down to Saratoga for a hair appointment I had scheduled months ago. It would be fair to say that I went just shy of kicking and screaming. Felt like I might have an accident, turns out the universe wanted me to get my hair done, it did NOT want me to do certain other things.

Fair enough universe, I may be stubborn, but I can take a hint.

Can you even stand the cryptocity? Like that? This day has been so odd I am making up words. I think I’d actually do quite well to make up words. If Perez can say, “Ridonculous,” “celebutard,” and other stuff that makes me roll my eyes and think, “Damn, he’s just making stuff up and people keep reading it,” then I can too. Or not.

Back to, “Look at you!”

I am constantly exclaiming just that to the girls. Life is a bit like an experience I had as an exchange student in Spain. My host family (Hola Marta!) had a chicken and pig farm. Joan and I were at the farm to visit the chickens. Joan took me into the space where the chickens were. It was amazing so many little chicks. A visit some two or three weeks later had the chickens every where, covering the floor of the building. It was constant motion, with little white bits of down fluttering everywhere, clinging to your clothes.

The girls, though perhaps not as prone to molting-like tendencies, are in constant motion, always underfoot, on my lap or clinging to my person in some way. I love it. I t can be an endurance sport, but really, my absence here is a testament to their pull. I find myself standing in the halo of their vivacity as if taking in the sun.

This afternoon I left as Sean took my place, a moat of princess tiles circling his feet before he knew what hit him. I trudged to the car thinking that I was abandoning my spot, but I was wrong. When I returned home, my hair flippy and streaky, they were there. The princess tiles had migrated, closer to Sean’s post at the stove. They were twinkling and giggling, breathless to share what they’d been doing while I was away.

And so it was that I found myself falling in love all over again, with my girls, my hair, my husband and my haven, this place I can come to, daily, or not, to share.

Thanks for being here.

What have you been up to?