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Look at you!

Posted on March 10, 2009

Whoops, for those of you catching me in your reader, surprise. That’s what a bit of dust, a late night and a precariously perched laptop while blogging will get you. The old premature publication Sorry. I was taking a demi break between assignments to pop my head in and say hello. A freshly shorn and highlighted head, natch. After what might be called a famously bad day or an eerily prescient message, I darted down to Saratoga for a hair appointment I had scheduled months ago. It would be fair to say that I went just shy of kicking and screaming. Felt like I might have an accident, turns out the universe wanted me to get my hair done, it did NOT want me…

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Every Little Bit

Posted on March 4, 2009

I don’t send those annoying chain-letteresque emails or participate in the forwards that carry subject lines like: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: REad THIS ITS Histerically hylarious, REALLY!!!!! Nor do I tag people for those monotonous lists on Facebook. I am much more likely to send an email that has a few quick lines about being bad about staying in touch yadda yadda yadda. Pardon me as I jump around here, the other night I was doing some research for a meeting with a client in the health care industry. I was in the midst of some search or another on Twitter and I found someone locally discussing a cancer diagnosis, Hepatoblastoma to be precise. I followed the link and to my horror found…

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Deal with it

Posted on March 3, 2009

That’s what he said, “Deal with it.” It hit me like a face full of ice water. “You are better in your sleep than most people are on their best day.” I tried not to be annoyed, not to roll my eyes and think, “Do you have to deliver the compliments in such an annoyed and obnoxious way?” He read my mind. “I can’t figure out a way to say this so that you’ll hear me. It’s exhausting.” Then I felt like smiling, which pissed me off. He saw that too. I cracked wise and we both relaxed a bit. He’s right, but so am I— I realize I didn’t explain to you the basis for all of this, but it doesn’t matter. Trust me.…

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A scheduled appraisal

Posted on March 2, 2009

We had an appraisal today. We spent the weekend preparing; scrubbing this, fixing that and reorganizing everything else. It was exhausting maintaining a prolonged scrutiny of every corner of our house. “Do you think this is too ratty?” “Want me to trash this?” “Maybe we should paint that?” “Does this look weird?” “Think it’s better this way?” I began to crackle, my nerves were fried and the distance to finished seemed just beyond reach. Sunday was the final sprint and I couldn’t rest. I snapped at Sean and he retreated upstairs, a confused Fin, snug in his arms, craned her neck to watch me as he closed the door. I scrubbed and scoured until my arms shook from exertion and my legs trembled. After…

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