I’ve made no secret about how hard being a working mom can be. It is hard, the not fitting in with stay-at-home moms, not feeling completely comfortable with working-outside-the-home-moms, but there is one thing that helps.

A great sitter/nanny.

We have a wonderful person who I know loves our girls and is supremely capable. That said, I still get a tiny bit sick of the phone rings or I get an email from her.

“Ohomygod, what’s wrong? Are they ok? Did someone get hurt? ShouldIcomehomerightnow?”

Seriously, full blown panic.

She called today.

“Amanda, it’s Erin for you.”


“Hello?” I asked with serious trepidation.

“Amanda? I just had to call, I just went upstairs to check on the girls…”

Abject terror.

“I didn’t see Ave.”


“And then I found her in the crib.”

Crippling relief.

“She was asleep with her arm around Fin.”

Mind-blowing awareness of my blessings and satisfaction in knowing that having a 3rd daughter was the right thing to do.

Erin, thank you for loving our girls.