This isn’t one of those, “I’ll always be 29 posts.”


I am 36 today and I love it. The title is a reference to a night 10 years ago, wherein I made a complete ass out of myself in front of several dear friends and my future husband who at the time was just a guy I thought was trying to get in my pants and then dump me. (I had le grand chip on my shoulder.)

Anyway, I had decided back when ZZ Top She’s Got Legs was the newest song on the radio that I would grow up, get married, have three sons, kick the husband to the curb and get a job that let me wear stilettos and jeans to work. That night 10 years ago I wept as if my world was ending.

“I didn’t do it.”

“Do what?” they asked me with tender concern.

“Any of it!” I wailed.

“Of what?” they murmured as they encircled me.

“Kids. Husband.”

They were incredulous. I had a great job, a hot and doting guy and a world of possibility ahead of me.

I cried and sniffled (it was actually the big, ugly kind of crying…snorfling?)

I had expected 3 boys.

I had planned on divorce.

I had no idea what I needed. Here’s to unanswered prayers and happily ever afters. Thanks for sharing in mine.