I wear contacts, at night I take them out and put on my glasses. Sometimes on the weekend I’ll keep my glasses on for coffee and maybe a run to the grocery store or Lowes. People know me without glasses, switch up something as little as glasses and it throws people off a bit.

I’m at BlogHer. Some people know me for this blog, some people know me for my other blog, or from twitter and, well, some people don’t know me at all. Watching people’s faces as I introduce myself and they struggle to place me is odd, I know it mirrors some of my own reaching for names and connectors.

Last night after one such introduction something occurred to me, say what you will about crowds and cliques, hierarchies and oligarchies, it comes down to self. Contacts or glasses, blogging or talking, I am who I am. There is not a person I can meet or not meet who will change that.

I love tortilla chips.

I adore the word inimitable.

I don’t get the Robert Pattinson thing (may have to do with turning 36 in six days)

I blush easily and am kind of prudish, yet I curse like a trucker.

I am passionate as a mom, getting better as a wife and loyal to the end as a friend.

I can write. I can dazzle. I can. I am.

Why would I ever forget that?

Have you forgotten you?