You hear about it all the time, people’s blogs being found out. A family member, a co-worker, a friend. I’d never really considered what I might do, and really, I imagined that it was unlikely to happen to me.

Enter frosty stares, chilly glares and angry mares (self-indulgent rhyming seems appropriate in a post addressing people being mad at me for what I write.)

I don’t quite know how to handle it— do I apologize? defend myself? justify? carry on as if nothing has happened?

I’m really not sure.

I feel fairly grounded in my right to write about my experiences, but I can cop to crossing a line. (Abba-dabba-doodler, you were heard, considered, and I hope honored.) I really don’t want to strike this blog and begin anew without names and using veiled locations etcetera.

I think perhaps what may be more appropriate is to understand that people are going to think what they are going to think. If I write it I need to have stones enough to handle it when they stare and point or look askance at me and my family.

I think I’ve addressed the offending posts, not that this particular person would admit to being here reading and judging, spreading her take. I know she’s here. I know how she feels. I don’t begrudge her those feelings.

I am, however, not going to stop being who I am or carry the burden of her ire. I am sorry if she felt slighted by what I considered to be a true account of my experience. I won’t write about it again.

I am getting back to what is most important, which is what I can participate in and contribute to— my family, my home, and my community.

Here’s to peace, even if it is just promising to not be rude. I can do it, can you?