So, the day is finally here. My colonoscopy is at 1.

Ave’s take: Wear a seatbelt, bear down and pretend it’s a motorcycle.

I am trying to quell the expectation that the doc is going to pat me on the hip post-probe and say, “Well, as I thought, it was an (insert harmless affliction).”

Sean and I will gleefully hand the cashier a $75 copay and head out for a brilliant, if kinda crampy, sunny Tuesday.

I am preparing for him to say, “Well, as I thought, it was fairly harmless, but we did take a few samples and will have them checked. Should know more in 7-10 business days.”

We’ll still pay and hold hands, it will still be sunny, I’ll still be crampy, but, you know, I want to know.


Funny how I feel like the child today.


Here’s what I have been using again and again to make my snorts and chortles chase the worries. Give it a whirl.