I played with Fin this morning, walked Briar to school, sang to Ave. I didn’t fully understand the depth of my blessings.


You say it, but as a parent, when you hear the story, for a moment you go there.
You imagine the scenario.
The kids.
The challenges.
The marriage.
The beauty.
The life.

The stroke.

Kids waiting at home while your husband holds your hand praying for you to pull through. “We need you. We all need you, honey.”

It is inconceivable, and yet, it is real.

Anissa is at the ICU. Peter is with her. The circle around them grows larger with each tweet and post, but at the center, it is still a woman fighting for her life.

Pray for Anissa. Imagine for a moment, that it’s you. Or your spouse. Live this moment and every moment after that you can, making good on the time you are given. To help Anissa: Think of her and her family.