The current state of The Wink/Tumble Dry takes me back to 2004 and trying to adjust a Blogger background without the benefit of knowing what the hell I was doing.

What you see here is the middle state between then and now, or what I had hoped would be now, but is turning out to be, ah, not now. Consider the curtain intended to prevent the viewing of this delicate state, caught.

The months and months leading up this conversion meant very little, with friends and followers simply saying, “Cool, can’t wait to see it.” Inaction, hoping, wishing etc, all swirled about, but the merge and redesign never picked up enough steam to get anywhere. Then, as Murphy’s Law, karma and a formulaicly scripted chick flick would have happen, I agreed to speak on a panel about blogging.
Now, on the dawn of that day, tragic, base-looking mom blog blah.


I suppose if I weren’t married, with three kids and considerably older than him, Ryan Reynolds would enter the picture, turn out to be a brilliant coder and take tot the stage to let everyone know that behind the pale, murky green of my blogs, waited an amazing, dynamic—

Got carried away.

Consider this my apology and my promise that things’ll be back to normal, better, very soon.

Ryan Reynolds ain’t got nothin’ on my Irishman 😉