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Posted on December 31, 2010

I had a book growing up called Heather’s Feathers. It was a sweet story about the way we all change differently and that there is beauty in everyone’s way of doing it. I remember my sister and I both loving it. I looked at it during my fifth grade year wishing that I could find that kind of friendly resolution. My tomboy ways were not embraced by the girls discovering boys, and after months of torment, there was no happy ending, just the relief of middle school arriving. I am not into resolutions. I won’t be waking up tomorrow expecting myself to do anything profoundly different than I have this year. If I had a wish for the new year it would be that…

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Back to me

Posted on December 26, 2010

It happens less now, probably because as they talk I am frantically attempting to accomplish something in addition to listening—do the dishes, respond to an email, pee. I don’t always take the magic they utter and preserve it here by primal necessity. I used to live nearly every moment of my life with, “I’m going to blog this,” on the tip of my tongue. That’s changed, now I look to my computer wistfully, not that I’d change these moments, because I wouldn’t, you know, except for the inability to curse, pee or do anything else in privacy, and think about the hours I used to spend writing. I ache to chronicle these moments, but it’s more important to live them. This isn’t a judgement,…

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Posted on December 14, 2010

The grandparents have been visiting this week, the weeks leading up to the visit were marked with breathless anticipation. The girls would look at the calendar and, trumping even Christmas, December 7th called their attention. As soon as they arrived Briar began obsessing about the 14th, the day that they would leave. “How many days are left Grandma?” She would ask. “Oh, Briar, we have so many days and more than days we have hours. Hours and hours. And mand mornings and many nights to play.” It wasn’t until Saturday that Grandma’s eyes started glistening as she answered. Sentimentality runs deep in our veins, its force even stronger in Briar. She began negotiating, which quickly turned to pleading. “Grandma, can you stay a few…

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Holiday Fun

Posted on December 13, 2010

Ok, what is your go-to song to cheer you up? I have been known to play: The Tide is High Fighter I’m awesome Random, yes, but also they make me think about working out. Considering the work I have to do and the shopping that I must tackle, the biggest workout I have to look forward to is holding back my stabby thoughts in the overly long lines in the heated to Bikram Yoga levels stores. So, c’mon, take 30 seconds and leave me some songs I can ask Sean to put on an iPod for me. I plan to run through the shops wearing big ass headphones and singing along. Badly. Everyone will leave me alone, no?

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