We are a pretty touchy feely family— lot’s of hugs, hand holding and bedtime back rubs. We have little things we do to lay claim to one another by reinforcing how well we know one another. It is something that I cherish and can draw a straight line to from a conversation Sean and I once had in the kitchen.

I was heavily pregnant with Briar and I was passionately talking about all the things I wanted for our family, “I want our children to see us love. I want to hold hands and kiss. I want to be a family that welcomes love and lives it every day.” He nodded, smiled and tenderly kissed me over my belly.

The other morning I was sitting on the couch with Briar and Avery on either side of me. Briar had her feet pressed against my side and Ave was tracing circles on my back. “Thanks, honey.” She whispered a ‘you’re welcome’ and began rubbing wider and faster. As my shirt rode up I could feel her smiling and then, seconds before she said it, I knew what was coming, I said, “That feels nice on my back.”

She responded, “Yeah, and it’s cool how  it makes it move all around.”

Motherhood, equal parts lifting you up and putting you in your place ;)