More shocking than the lines brazenly sending curly cues out from eyes, more surprising than a Goonies 25th anniversary, my children. Three beautiful, boisterous little girls. Set aside the fact that I always imagined that I’d have boys or my assertion after seeing one episode of Kate and Ally that I’d marry, have kids and promptly divorce—I have 3 daughters and a happy marriage.

I know in many ways that anyone could do it, but in this moment I am focusing on my having done it. Them. Each magnificent in different ways than her sisters. I stand in awe of all that they do and dream to do. Together with Sean I’ve born three girls that delight, challenge, and enchant me more every day.

I look at this picture and imagine what they’ll say and how they’ll manage when I am gone. Knowing they’ll have each other and the many memories we’ve built together gives me comfort. And, if I am being honest, envy, for they have a realm they’ve created that is nothing short of magic.

My three girls, I could only love you more if there were three of me.