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Can it be?

Posted on June 15, 2010

More shocking than the lines brazenly sending curly cues out from eyes, more surprising than a Goonies 25th anniversary, my children. Three beautiful, boisterous little girls. Set aside the fact that I always imagined that I’d have boys or my assertion after seeing one episode of Kate and Ally that I’d marry, have kids and promptly divorce—I have 3 daughters and a happy marriage. I know in many ways that anyone could do it, but in this moment I am focusing on my having done it. Them. Each magnificent in different ways than her sisters. I stand in awe of all that they do and dream to do. Together with Sean I’ve born three girls that delight, challenge, and enchant me more every day.…

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Posted on June 6, 2010

We woke to a dark day with a plan to make the most of it by opening the garage doors and creating sheltered outdoor play during the storm. It seemed brilliant and was sailing along perfectly until I got walloped by my Sunday morning quirk. Basically it’s this—if we don’t have a Sunday plan, we don’t accomplish something truly quantifiable or I don’t leave the house I panic. My mood, self-esteem and attention span disintegrate. It’s awesome in the way that a diaper blow-out that shoots hot, bright yellow nastiness out both ends is awesome. My skin crawls as the pouting and loathing explode, because even at my most unreasonable, I know it is wrong and that it will pass. Sean looked at me…

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Posted on June 4, 2010

Stories circle me, pooling at my feet, wrapping around my ankles and snaking up my leg. They cling to me like yesterday’s sun and I smile, the warmth of the forgotten moments surprising me throughout the day. And oh, these days, they attack me from the other direction, dawn coming after the first requests to get up, the emails pinging and clanging even before I take my first blessed sip of coffee. Before I make it out the door my heart is already racing, the weight of things put off for dinner together and bedtime snuggles, come back untempered by the break. I twist and sigh and then they come. The flash of sunlight on shiny metal as the last bits of sundress and…

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