This is a bit off the beaten path as far as my writing usually goes here. I suppose it’s part guilt, part foreshadowing and a touch of focus-deficit.

We moved. Kindergarten is over. Soldiers are dyingYoung.

I have this beautiful life with three daughters, a loving husband and ripples of family and friends that surround us. It is wonderfully complex. I think that this last absence from The Wink as we’ve moved and my timid twitching to come back has sprung from a need to honor each facet.

One area that I don’t talk about too terribly much is work, other than perhaps to say that it is part of the equation that complicates my parenting (Ha! As if there is a scenario in which it’s uncomplicated—nods to single, widowed, unemployed, re-partnered and everyone else making it up as they go.) It’s a huge part of our lives, something that girls adore:

“Can we go to the office?” They squeal whenever we get into the car. “Umm, I don’t think we really want to be at work now,” I say gently. “You can play in back with us…” they offer. Sometimes we go, other times we smile and proclaim it’s time for an adventure without work.

But there is always work. We’ve been at it for over seven years now, sometimes it’s easier than others. Recently we reached a milestone. Our new site is up. A few kinks are being worked out courtesy of the crafty Mrs. Flinger. We’ve definitely taken the sort of elephant pregnancy timeline approach to getting it done.

You can poke around here if you’re in to that sort of thing. Sean put this collage together for my section using copy I wrote. Reminded me of something you’d see on one of those exquisitely over-priced notebooks that you never really use.

Anyway, I just wanted you all to know about our other baby.