Last night I had a talk with my family, it was like Intervention-light. Not that I have ever watched that show, but my addiction to doing, carrying, handling, managing and scads more words ending with “ing” is deep rooted. I have a primal need to do and an unrelenting hunger to please, fix and impress. Unfortunately all of those things are in direct conflict with my body’s need to restore the blood lost in the accident. I didn’t think tweeting, writing, or problem solving things like the battle between the demands for Caillou (shoot me), Madeline (stab me) or Tom & Jerry (I just don’t get it) was a big deal.

It is.

Every decision I make is one more than I should. I need to be still, have little to no investment in the way the day-to-day minutia gets sorted out and the answer, as Sean has lectured into my head is, “probably shouldn’t.” I need to be smarter because as much as I adore many of the people that fit this group, I am hoping to behave myself into not being a member.

Blogging has been a part of my life for 6 years. I remember the first time an entry of mine was posted in a BlogHer column (of course it was on deleting a post…blush) I remember taking my last baby to my first BlogHer

I want to go to NYC and hug so many special people, maybe not like this, but close.

I want to prove to my daughters that I made the sacrifices to be able to go. I want to show Sean and the rest of my family that I understand how serious my injury is/was and that I will do what it takes. I want to deserve it and be ready for it.

I want to be at BlogHer. I will wear shoes. They won’t be running shoes, as I will not run for Tanner though I have a tutu and everything. They will not be stilletos and I will not shop til I drop, for chances are I’d truly drop.

But there will be something on my feet, which are pointed directly toward BlogHer.

So here’s to resting and making it, with my family’s blessing, to BlogHer 1 week from today! Pardon me if I end up being the slow walker in the Hilton. Stop and walk with me, I’ll share a story to make it worth your while.