Despite my desire to feel better, I am exhausted. Short of breath, unexpectedly dizzy and generally tentative as I still feel a little unsure of my body. Today was my first day back in the office and it took everything out of me and then some. I might have been here at home feeling ever so slightly sorry for myself.

I want to go here with energy and a sparkle. I want to go for runs, swim in the lake and be able to lift whatever or whoever I want, when and how I want.

Luckily I have slightly more commonsense as 37 looms ever closer and I have comedy. Pure, ’round the clock, irresistible slapstick and mayhem. Fin, the Mama Whisperer , is keeping me smiling despite my maudlin tendencies.

Just now she sidled up next to me, turned over on her back with her arms crossed behind her head, looked at me and said, “Mama, Humpty Dumpty couldn’t get it up.”

Damn, if I’m not feeling better already.