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Posted on August 6, 2010

Yesterday I took a train bound for New York City. I hadn’t imagined I’d get to go after the past month, yet here I am. Mingling with unbelievably elegant people at an almost rooftop bash thrown by Martha Stewart. Sitting 3 feet from Gavin Degraw at an exclusive party hosted by Schick. Rubbing elbows with people I’ve admire through a screen for years. It’s lovely and magical and everything I’d thought it would be. And yet… Every cab ride I take, every new corner I round and every window I look through… I find myself imagining if the girls were here. If Sean were walking beside me. If the small talk I was making was about what animal New York City clouds look like…

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Shock in a box

Posted on August 4, 2010

I am keeping my head about BlogHer, because honestly, I’ve neither the budget nor the time to really get too worked up about it. That said, I did do a quick online shop. I met with dead ends at Bluefly (everything I liked was one size too big), Nordstrom (got too caught up in affordable winter coats for the girls in their sale section), and a few others like Ann Taylor Loft (fell hard for things that were not the dress I had hoped for) until I finally hit pay dirt at Lord & Taylor. I wanted a dress that I could wear and honestly say, “This? This dress feels like a t-shirt, reads like an ensemble and lets me be me.” Ok, maybe I…

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Daisy of my heart

Posted on August 2, 2010

Around Mother’s Day I was given a Gerber Daisy plant. It was something we did for all the moms in the office. They brought instant smiles with their thick green leaves and bright blooms. I took mine home and set it on the window in the kitchen. It was a bright spot in the dust and mayhem of moving. The plants in the office slowly, one-by-one died. I took a closer look at mine at home and noticed it was failing. Refusing to give up, even in the weeks that followed when it teetered on the brink of shriveling, I watered it. Some days I talked to it. Our move was incremental, with many trips going to the storage unit, others to the dump…

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