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Posted on October 15, 2010

That is my least favorite abbreviation online. I don’t even have to exaggerate to explain that it took me a full 10 minutes to figure out what the hell that meant. “For what it’s worth” Can’t we just agree that any time you say something it is with the understanding that the person doing the listening will decide what it is worth? Sorry. Consider this post like that abbreviation, but without the annoying part where you have to figure out what I am saying. My work, or more accurately, the potential for work, took me to a very beautiful place today.  Whether it will turn out to be a place I return for work is undecided, what is certain is that something I learned…

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Tell Me Again…

Posted on October 11, 2010

A few weeks ago I was scheduled to go to a luncheon. That morning as I was getting dressed I slipped on a white bra, then I put on a white tank top to go with the black slacks and grey sweater I had laid out to wear. After scanning how it looked on me, I decided I didn’t like how the tank top looked with my sweater. I quickly shucked the sweater and looked for a different top. I grabbed a black cami with white straps. Perfect. The straps would match my bra straps and the black looked dressier than the white. Grabbing a necklace off my nightstand, I blew myself a kiss* in the mirror and headed into work. I’d been at work…

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One Day

Posted on October 4, 2010

Finley was scheduled for school five days a week. It was too much, she was too sleepy, the hours didn’t match, it didn’t feel right. I cut Fridays. It isn’t much, one day with 2.5 hours of just us. We enjoy a patchwork of me telecommuting and the two of us tangling legs on the ground and reading stories, inserting extra dialogue for the characters where we feel the author didn’t go far enough. Today we went downtown for soup. It’s just one day. Some days she makes it worth a lifetime.

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