I had a book growing up called Heather’s Feathers. It was a sweet story about the way we all change differently and that there is beauty in everyone’s way of doing it. I remember my sister and I both loving it. I looked at it during my fifth grade year wishing that I could find that kind of friendly resolution. My tomboy ways were not embraced by the girls discovering boys, and after months of torment, there was no happy ending, just the relief of middle school arriving.

I am not into resolutions. I won’t be waking up tomorrow expecting myself to do anything profoundly different than I have this year. If I had a wish for the new year it would be that instead of waiting until the holidays, people would find it themselves to be more full of joy. Imagine what would happen if we allowed our spirits to molt the can’ts, shouldn’ts, and don’ts.

If you’ve ever thought back to your childhood and imagined a better place, than you have the power to change the world. Put some of your hope for the human condition into your day-to-day life and just maybe you’ll create the wave that means some child won’t limp their spirit home one day.