I have been filled with dread, feeling as if all the things I tackled this week should somehow have protected me from having to face one more terrifying hurdle. You can imagine how the universe took that.

“Um, yeah, you can take your woe is me and stuff it where the sun don’t shine.”

Right, so I pushed the dread aside and faced what I’d been avoiding.

And then it was done. I felt relieved, euphoric and stronger. My emotions were matched by the people around me. All this time I’d been thinking it didn’t touch them and how lucky they were, yet the minute I was done they rallied around to tell me how well I did. I realized how much more capable I am than I give myself credit for and how much bigger the team is than just me.

I guess the reason I am sharing this is to say that you might reconsider how to deal with that thing you’ve been avoiding. It can only control you if you let it.

Go conquer something!