I am nearly incapable of letting the phone ring without answering it, even with the modern luxury of caller id telling me that it’s: 000-000-0000 calling. That’s the number we refer to as Satan’s. Do I let the machine pick up? No. Luckily the calls don’t come in that often. Email on the other hand? It’s relentless. Clients, strangers, friends, stores, spammers, clubs…the onslaught is never ending.

I can field the messages, answer the questions, follow the links all day long, but when I do that my day never really starts, instead I spend minute upon minute of every hour reacting. I don’t give myself, or my family, the opportunity to be unencumbered by the pings. After a brutal week I made a decision, this weekend I let the machine pick up, so to speak.

We read stories and cuddled. We romped out side (really it was just sprints to the car to go places because winter continues to sit heavily upon us.) A fun fair, a play date, a barely-post-dawn family movie fest as we rallied around Briar with her ear infection. Meals at the table with giggles and snorts.

It was simple. And perfect. We’ll be doing it again. Soon.

Have a lovely week!