I sent a letter to someone. It was actually an email, but sent with the same attention to detail and message you used to practice when sending letters. I had purchased a card specifically for this person, but time slipped through my fingers, making an email my only chance to send it in time. I had a sense of what I wanted to say, but was kind of surprised at the way it found its own way.

I sat, fingers hovering over the keys like they’ve done so many time, when I felt the pull. I found myself tracing the ways in which life created different paths that ran parallel and the times when life guided our paths together. It wasn’t long before tears rolled down my face. Allowing myself to acknowledge and honor the influence someone had on my life made me feel weightless. The worries that had accumulated about this project or that situation slipped entirely away and I was left with gratitude.

I carefully reread the letter before hitting send. Memories sprang to life—a smile, a comment, a thank you. It was perfect. I closed my laptop and my eyes. I felt stronger and more hopeful. And so it was that once again, I was thankful for this person.

Do you have someone you can thank?