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I did it, mama

Posted on April 10, 2011

She was sitting at the island in the kitchen, the speckled teal formica* even with her collar bone, a sandwich and juice in front of her, a sister on each side. She had called for my attention and so I put the bread knife down and said, “What is it sweetie?” and she looked at me quietly. I smiled, she paused a beat, then smiled. I smiled bigger and her eyes twinkled back at me, this game of prolonging the moment spent with my undivided attention is something she is masterful at and it gets me every time. Any frustration or anxiety is boxed out by my delight in her delight. “What did you do?” I ask with a sing-song lilt to my voice…

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How do you take yours?

Posted on April 6, 2011

Sean said he wanted a blog entry over at Trampoline about what coffee we all drink, or, more importantly, where do we get it and why. He sent out an email to everyone in the office: Blog post idea: (Designtramp) We all drink different coffee. Make the case for yours: what are the reasons you make your purchase decisions for this one thing? Tradition? Convenience? Cost? Quality? One paragraph. Today, if you can squeeze it in. Derek: Lox of Bagels Amy: The Chocolate Mill Jake: Stewarts Sean: Rock Hill Amanda: Starbucks Trina: Tea? Uncommon Grounds? Paula: Diet Coke. After he sent it the responses started coming in little, caffeinated dings. I loved it for how it asked something from us that was purely rooted…

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In Pursuit

Posted on April 5, 2011

Sean and I have been accused of pushing too hard, of always questing for more than we have. We bought an old house and gutted it quite nearly top to bottom, 3 months in I became pregnant with Briar. We started a business three months before Briar was born. I told Sean I was pregnant with Avery on a camping trip a week before Briar’s first birthday, Finley was born two weeks shy of Avery’s second birthday. We started a second business. I suppose in some ways that could be seen as never being satisfied, but the other side of that would be the idea that there is always the potential to achieve more. There is probably a sweet spot in between enjoying and…

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