I’ve had many people I respect tell me that date nights are vital to a marriage. I like the idea in concept, but in practice it can be tough. Sitters, schedules, money, stamina—the list of excuses can go on and on. We’ve long had what we call Toddler Tuesday, when Nana and Jeannie take the girls and we have from 5:30-8pm to do with as we wish. Ideally we’d be going out to dinner or doing something fun, but normally we either get things done around the house, work or on really self-indulgent nights, go to the gym.

I’d be more upset if I thought that we were failing. The truth is Sean and have so much. We work together at both of our businesses (we share an office, as a matter of fact), we partner on homework/projects/activities with the girls and we have fun with whatever we do. Being together all the time means that sometimes we do go through the motions and come up short in the romance department at the end of the day. Did I really just say Romance Department?

Anyway, we don’t have any grand secret to getting along, but we do have a little thing we do that always makes my heart skip a beat. It’s simple, can happen anywhere and almost always catches us by surprise.

If we spy the clock at 11:11, we kiss.

If we aren’t together, we text.

If it’s 11:10 we sometimes watch the clock together.

Knowing that we have a time for love always makes me remember that I am in love with him.

Do you have a secret?

I don’t mind sharing the 11:11 tradition with you, or you can find your own. Just love.