Last night we had our date night at the local ski mountain. It’s literally less than a mile from our house, so it’s actually more convenient than the gym. It was 18 degrees not taking into account the wind last night. I am betting the YMCA was warmer, but to the slopes we went. I got to the summit and wanted to capture the beauty.

Ugh. My iPhone camera was set to take my face. Does that ever not horrify? Yay for goggles.

Then I snapped a picture of the night, but it didn’t translate.

Then I held a spectacular yard sale after sliding 65 yards backwards and on my belly. Then there were the snowboarders who were stopped-in-the-middle-of-no-where-in-the-dark-and-oh-by-the-way-I-can’-stop. But in the end, I still had a total blast and will do it again. Although I may hope for slightly warmer weather and natural snow so I don’t have to ski into gusts of machine-manufactured-snow.

How’s 2012 going for you? I recommend that when you make an ass out of yourself do it in the dark and in 18 degree weather, fewer people catch it.