There’s been a lot in the news about the Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle. I am not going to go in to any of the political issues, I think there is enough of that out there. I think the thing we should all take away from this is quite plain:

Have a hand in it. Whatever your *it* is, see it through. Don’t leave it up to other people.

As I watch my girls, not yet bound by the manacles of “I-have-to-do-it-the-way-other-kids-are-doing-it,” I see what it is to keep hold of the reins of what is dear to you. They never approach a situation and look for something to be done for them (ok, maybe snacks and cleaning up). They believe they can do things, they doggedly pursue the ends that they seek. They embellish doll houses to make castles, they mix foods and drinks to create colors and tastes. They turn out lights to not kill the earth. They write letters to Peter Pan~

They believe, both in themselves and what they think is right. They don’t expect things to get done the way they want them by other people. They would never put all their hope in the basket of another person if it meant something to them.

If you want to support a cause, support a cause.*

Do it deliberately.

Do it directly.

If you want to help low income women, go to the most local source of help for them.

If you want to join a cause, do it at their door not as an add on at the check out.

If you want accountability, start with yourself.

I’m not saying that donation cans and branded, cause-related products are a waste. I am saying that if it means that much to you, then you damn well better take the steps to make sure that your effort, be it money, word of mouth or hope, go to where you want them to go.

Own the ends you seek.

*Susan died today. I will never stop carrying her message.