There was a post a while back about whether or not we can have it all. Then came another article about the idea of having it all. People have grown tired of the argument, but the things is, so long as there are parents and children, some working for an employer, some not, we’ll wonder.

Are we doing it right?

Are we doing enough?

Should we have more? Less?

Is she better?

Am I worse?

We question and strive no matter where and how we spend our 9-5 or 9-to-9-to-9. The pearl in the second article is the reminder to evaluate all that is, rather than the threat of what isn’t.

Today I am 39. I have a husband who dotes on me and three daughters who look up to me. We all enjoy one another’s company and are actually becoming comfortable and articulate enough to be able to say, “Know what? I need some me time.” <—- more from the kids than me. Note to self, learn more from your kids.

They gave me cards.

Finley’s card showed her determined writing and love of color. I saw how we’ve raised her to do it her way, but also to try hard.

Ave’s card was energetic and joyful. She recovered from a mistake, leaving a crossed out 89 alongside a 39. I smiled thinking how I would have crumpled the sheet and sobbed. She said that I rock.

Briar’s mentioned our tomato garden and the she loved me a bushel and a peck. It reminded me of the time we’ve spent beneath the setting sun oohing and ahing over what we have grown through hard work and love.

Sean sat with me over soup and a sandwich (thank you Beth!) and looked at me with the same expression he did when he told me he was ass over tea cups for me back in ’99. I remembered the girl I’d been, the idea I had of what love was. I had no clue.

Endless birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, phone calls and texts from family. Unexpected gifts from downtown neighbors. So many ripples reminding me of the people I am so lucky to have.

This family, this life…it sits in the sweet spot between having it all and having enough. I could not ask for more.