One of the things I love about being a mom to my three girls is how game they are for just about anything.

They hear “Why don’t you try this?” and almost immediately they shrug their shoulders and chirp, “Sure” or “Ok.”

Of course there are things that they don’t dive into—guacamole, grapefruit, dancing on stage, but for the most part they are tight, little bundles of “I bet I can do that.” It’s inspiring and, unlike some of the other things they accomplish, my ability to genuinely marvel at their willing spirits never fades.

This picture took place on a hot, sloping sidewalk. “Hey, girls, look at the wall, go pretend you are walking up stairs and I’ll take your picture.” They took a look at the wall, dashed over and then held their little legs as high as they could while posing. Hamming.

Forget about the fact that they completely block the white line that looked like stair steps, forget that it’s not the prettiest place with its littery ground and gum-ridden pavement. We were near a busy road after a long trip and it was hot and their bellies were growling.

And there they were, cutting up and making me beam.

They lift me up and bring out an ability to see the magic in anything. Anywhere.