Last week was chock full of sick kids, wild scenarios and, well, just about everything but the snowfall that was predicted. Saturday Sean had a gig in Lake George from 4-8pm, unusually early on account of Winter Festival. I decided to take the girls and make a night of it. The venue is right on the lake and there was a 6:30 firework show planned.

We began the night at a table just off to the side from the stage. Finley was transfixed.

Ave was out of her mind excited.

Briar was cool, but brimming with joy.

We were all together.

The fireworks were spectacular.

We got closer.

We danced.

By 9 o’clock we were all back at home doing bedtime together and feeling tired, and grateful.

Sometimes all you need to chase away the blues is a bit of good old fashioned dancing. Thanks Cabin 3!