I wrote a post last week about my eight year old. Before I know it she’ll be 16 and her sisters will be 14 and 12. Do you know what that means? There are going to be a whole lot of cycles in this house. Yes, I am going there. I’ll understand if you’d rather click away, but what I am about to share is something you may want to know about if you:

a) have daughters over the age of 10

b) have been pregnant

c) leak a little when you sneeze, laugh, run, etc.

About a year ago I was at BlogHer in NYC and I discovered a company that piqued my interest called Dear Kates. I was intrigued because the product was conceived by a woman, Julie Sygiel, who used her chemical engineering degree to devise a patent-pending fabric technology, which is absorbent, leak resistant and stain proof. Beyond that, the stuff is cute.


Several months ago a very sweet woman named Amanda (Amandas FTW) sent me a pair of Dear Kates to try.  My sweet, wispy black Dear Kates sat untouched in my drawer for months. I kept forgetting to try them. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it was possible that they could do what they promised. I mean, they look like standard issue, cute underwear (can’t say panties, sorry).

The only distinction is that the lining seems slightly thicker, maybe. I’ve already gone farther than I normally would by even bringing up this topic, but let me impress something upon you:

They work.

Holy confidence in a bikini, they work.

I think back to all the…let’s just say, that as I look forward to one day taking three daughters through this inevitable monthly ride, the idea of having Dear Kates for each of them reassures me.  They are spendy as far as underwear go, but consider this:

Less panty liners to crowd things under the sink.

Less waste in the landfill.

Less “umm, am I leaking?”

More power to women as this was designed by one of us, for us and supporting that is a really, really good thing. Honestly, I take care of everyone else before myself, so I can’t track my cycle to save my life. Knowing that I have Dear Kates in a drawer in my dresser makes forgetting to buy supplies less disastrous. I saw this today and squealed. Literally. Now I have two super-secret, make-my-life-easier aces up my sleeve.

Let’s take this Daylight Saving Monday and improve it with a code for Dear Kates good through the 15th of April that takes $10 off of your first order.

**The fine print, I received my pair of Dear Kates in exchange for the potential that I would write about them. Having worn them through several cycles and just on regular days, I am a huge fan and plan to buy more. Heck, I may stock pile them to have on hand when the girls do arrive at their time of the month. As for the Cool Mom Picks link, I think it sounds like a great way to keep me on track. Also, I genuinely trust and appreciate all that they are putting out—let me repeat, conceived, researched, written and executed by women. Sign up for their newsletter. Check out Cool Mom Tech too, I’ve scored the best apps, sometimes free, based on their very reliable recommendations. They haven’t sent me anything, other than amazing tips, coupons, and information about things important to me as a woman, parent, and shopper.