Lest anyone think that I am always positive, always overflowing with patience and calm, may I demonstrate that in addition to running a tender post I wrote about bedtime, the Huffington Post also shared a not so sentimental moment that I experienced:

So as we all slog through another Monday, maybe you started yours with an emergency trip to the dentist for your child like I did (which let me tell you, there is nothing that brings the sense of failure as a parent to the surface as a toothache and , “Hmm, looks like you haven’t been here in almost a year,” tsk tsk tsk from the dental hygienist) or maybe you were desperately trying to wrangle a snack for pre-k that fell within the guidelines of no sugar, no tree nuts, pre-washed, cut and portioned, or you were looking at the clock trying not say, “You’re fucking kidding me, we missed the bus again,” however it was that you started the day, let’s all agree to dial the disappointment in ourselves back a notch.

Because honestly, chances are there is a big old line of people willing to do the judging for you. Save yourself the trouble and just consider a day without bloodshed a win.