I had a former employee stop by the office this morning. He has a one year old son now and was remarking, “Amanda, I don’t know what I did with all my free time before having Julian. I mean, I certainly wasn’t productive with it. There was so much time.” We nodded and laughed, then he said, “It’s amazing. Having a kid, it just changes you forever. Changes everything.” I’d never seen him smile with such delight (unless he was mid-prank).

As we hugged goodbye and promised to find a time to have the little guy visit, I felt so grateful that I’d had a sweet morning with the girls. It wasn’t harried, I didn’t feel overtired. The girls were in great moods. They were all pinging about contentedly. Briar and Avery were Rainbow Looming and Finley was plunked down in a corner singing. I couldn’t help myself, I had to record her.

They really do change you, and your, life forever.

River Hound from amanda Magee on Vimeo.